Red Hill Sour Dough Loaf Served with Dukha, Extra virgin olive oil and Malden Sea salt $6.00 (V)

Josephine’s Dip Plate Selection of homemade dips, warm mixed olives, cornichons & fried naan bread $17.00 (GF)
(Gluton Free served with rice crackers)

Warm Tandoori chicken salad, grilled chicken with tossed salad and Riata on Naan $19.00 (GF)
(Gluton Free without Naan bread)

Wasabi beer battered prawn cutlets, served with dried fruit cous cous & aoli $22.00

Vegetable frittata served with mixed lettuce salad and balsamic dressing $18.00 (V & GF)

Smoked pork hock fritters served with braised red cabbage and apple mayonnaise $19.00

V = Vegetarian

GF – Gluten Free

GDR – Gluten and Dairy Free