Cocktail /Finger Food

$75 pp (Pick 8 options)

Cold Selection

         • Sushi Rolls

(Selection of)

✔ Seafood

✔ Vegetarian

✔ Chicken

         • Brie & Strawberry canapes✔ With a sticky balsamic reduction

         • Mini Toasts

(Selection of)

✔ Smashed avocado, goats cheese, cherry tomato

✔ Tomato, red onion, basil

         • Mini Pancakes✔ Smoked Salmon, horseradish cream
         • Puff canapes

✔ Caramelised onion, fetta

✔ Pesto, sundried tomato

         • Variety of Mini Baguettes

✔ Smoked salmon

✔ Pulled Lamb

✔ Roast Beef

✔ Smoked Chicken


Hot Selection

·         Gourmet filled Pastry’sChef’s Selection
·         Mini QuichesChef’s Selection
·         Spinach & Fetta Pastry’s
·         Mini Fillet Mignon canapesEye fillet, bacon, mushroom
·         Prawn TwistsThai sweet chilli dipping sauce
·         Babylyn’s Chicken Balls


Extras choose 2

·         Mini Beer Battered Fish and Chips in noodle box
·         Stir Fried Chicken & Hokein Noodle in noodle box
·         Lemon Pepper Calamari with rocket salad in noodle box
·         Tandoori Chicken  with special fried rice in noodle box
·         Chorizo Penne sweet pepper & spinach in noodle box
·         Mini Beef Burgers lettuce tomato cheese relish beef burger
·         Pulled Spiced Lamb Slider lettuce caramelised onion pulled lamb with a homemade chutney
·         Marinated Beef Skewers
·         Lemon Garlic Prawn Skewers

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